Qmulus is a single family office, employing a dedicated team of 20 professionals.

The firm manages a diversified investment portfolio with a primary focus on the U.S. markets, emphasizing absolute return strategies.

Beyond its portfolio management, and real estate investments, Qmulus also holds majority or minority stakes in a select number of companies. The essence of Qmulus is defined by its ambition, commitment to achieving goals, innovative problem-solving, and resilience to push beyond conventional boundaries—all in pursuit of success.

Central to its ethos is the belief that “simplicity is beautiful.”

Investing & Trading

Part of Qmulus is Qliq, a tech-driven systematic quantitative trading firm.

We trade derivatives in several asset classes in the US markets and are starting to expand to Europe. Our office is based in The Hague.

Our main area of expertise is quantitative trading on traditional asset classes in the low to mid-frequency range but we are very open-minded and promote all kinds of new inputs and initiatives from our team members. We have a scientific approach, guided by data and technology, and are passionate for clean code and simple well-architected systems. We are all about the content.


Working at Qmulus offers a unique opportunity to be part of a team with plenty of opportunities to further develop your talent.

Excited to join our forward-thinking team? Wait no more! Explore our current job openings.

MVO Policy

Qmulus aims to achieve the best possible return for all our stakeholders.

We do this by not only investing in traditional business models but also explicitly looking for opportunities to serve a broad societal interest. We are interested in social entrepreneurship. In this way, long-term returns will translate not only into financial profit, but also into social importance.

Cirrus Foundation

Qmulus is not only focused on business successes but also on achieving societal goals.

The Cirrus Foundation was founded from this perspective. The foundation supports existing charities, with a focus on the themes of climate, human rights and combating polarization. We offer them the resources to take the next step.