Qmulus is an investment firm that provides growth capital to successful entrepreneurs to realize their growth targets. We invest in scalable, (fast) growing companies with a sustainable competitive advantage. We focus our attention on medium-sized companies that cannot realize their plans sufficiently, due to lack of capital. We aim to put our energy, knowledge and experience in these companies. We are keen to engage with entrepreneurs that are willing to challenge the status quo. We gladly and actively stimulate this way of thinking. In practice, this often provides mutually benifical opportunities that result in success.

Qmulus aims to be a trusted partner and financier. We provide capital, knowledge and a wealth of experience aimed at developing successful companies.

Qmulus aims to provide both positive and constructive feedback
  • We deliver our added value by linking the company to 1 permanent Qmulus Investment Partner, for example as an active member of the Supervisory Board, or the Advisory Board. This partner offers solicited and unsolicited advice. And is supported by the Qmulus team where en when necessary.
  • If desired, we can also conduct and provide actionable market research.
  • Qmulus has the expertise to assist the companies in the closing of major (cooperative) agreements and acquisitions.
  • Thinks along in achieving the best legal structures, interviews with financiers.
  • Our team of specialists actively monitors and advises our portfolio companies to ensure their future succes.
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