Qmulus Financial Services

We are keen on engaging in strategic discussions with potential partners that are active in the Benelux, DACH or French insurance market (either as intermediary or service providing), consumer loan and mortgage distribution (both traditional and P2P lenders), (online) payment products and solutions and other innovative companies active in the field of financial services .

We remain interested in acquisition of consumer loan, (income/ life and non-life) insurance client portfolio’s.

We support entrepreneurial teams that generate positive cash flows and have revenues between EUR 1 and 40 million, but are also willing to invest in innovative FinTech companies that have a strong fit with our current portfolio.

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Qmulus Student Capital

We have a interest in companies providing services to students and young professionals

With an ambitious and professional management team that underline our strategy

Operating a scalable and online business model

Generating strong cash flows spread over a large customer base

Located throughout Europe with a strong local market footprint

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Qmulus Student Capital

We zijn geïnteresseerd in ondernemingen die actief zijn in dienstverlening aan studenten en young professionals, die;

Een ambitieus en professioneel management team hebben dat onze strategie onderstreept

Een schaalbaar en online business model hanteren

Bewezen hebben sterke cash flows te kunnen genereren verspreid over een groot klantenbestand

Actief zijn in Europa met een sterke focus en positie op de lokale markt

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