Investment Process


As every investment is unique, we do not adhere to strict timelines. In essence, getting to know one another and conducting a thorough analysis is a time consuming process. Qmulus is characterized by pragmatism, short decision lines and flexibility, which in our view are the necessary ingredients for a smooth investment process.

Generally an investment process starts off with the signing of an NDA (non disclosure commitment / confidentiality agreement) by both parties. To support the business case, a Teaser or Information Memorandum (IM) may be required or offered. The intention of shaping a partnership shall be stipulated throughout the subsequent discussions, as well as the assumptions/starting points of both participants. This usually takes place in a LOI (Letter of Intent). Exclusivity is generally a precondition.

Due Diligence (DD)

The next step is a due diligence by means of which the provided legal, commercial, tax and financial information will be assessed.
A DD process is usually carried out by the Qmulus Investment Team in collaboration with specialized external parties, such as accountants, lawyers, etc. The length and approach of the DD process depends entirely on the specific company.

Investment Proposal

The findings of the Qmulus Investment Team will be presented to the Investment Committee, who will take a final decision on the investment proposal or occasionally ask for further information.


In this phase detailed negotiations and final contracts will take place as well as agreement on internal and external communication towards completion of the investment.

Start of cooperation

Generally, the Qmulus investment partner who supervises the deal will remain the first point of contact for the entrepreneur and take a place in the board of directors or advisory board of the company. There is also a possibility of Qmulus being more operationally involved, which will always be stipulated beforehand in the final contracts.


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