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Qmulus was founded by a team with strong entrepreneurial vision. We have built our capital by tuning in to the needs of consumers and pro-actively seeking opportunities to expand and grow our business. We managed to steadily build a large, yet simple and successful company. Entrepreneurship is the foundation beneath our capital, and we are eager to reinvest in other entrepreneurs, so that they can realize their vision.


Entrepreneurs are busy building their company and realizing their goals. By hard work and perseverance, they are able to grow their business. This process runs smoothly as long as development goes according to plan, suppliers keep delivering and customers remain satisfied. But keeping up with growth is not as easy as it sounds. When visions are tested by reality, every entrepreneur can benefit from an outside perspective. Qmulus provides added value at this stage in particular, advising the entrepreneur and assisting - at arm’s length - on mission critical components of the business concept.


As an entrepreneur, you face numerous challenges alone. Nevertheless, an involved sparring partner can be of substantial value when you face opportunities and threats you haven’t encountered before. Qmulus aims to fulfill the role of motivator for creative entrepreneurship, allowing you to push forward and do what’s needed to accelerate effective growth.


Following years of working on your business, you can occasionally find yourself blinded by various options. An active shareholder like Qmulus can be of service at this point. With a fresh view based on knowledge and experience, our team will gladly support you and look over your shoulder when needed. Thereby empowering decision-making and making growth achievable.


Building a business  is a wonderful challenge and achievement produces positive energy. But as an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to stand still and relish in your own success. It can therefore be useful to have a partner who thinks about the future, allowing you to make deliberate choices about what is to come. We can support you with exit timing, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and investments. Jointly, we can achieve success.


Qmulus is an investment firm that provides growth capital to successful entrepreneurs in realizing their growth targets. We invest in scalable, (fast) growing companies with a sustainable competitive advantage. We focus our attention on medium-sized companies that cannot realize their plans sufficiently, due to lack of capital. We aim to put our energy, knowledge and experience in these companies. Read more >


Qmulus doesn’t have short-term focus, but strives for a sustainable relationship of mutual respect and trust. The Qmulus team has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of asset management and corporate finance. It also has extensive practical experience and track record from the business. This allows the Qmulus team to actually get started as a substantiated sparring partner. They provide, when needed, financial, strategic, operational.. Read more >


Participate in enterprises that are-, or have the potential to become, sizeable, uncomplicated and successful.

Participate in scalable, (fast)growing enterprises with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Contribute to the growth of Dutch enterprises with international ambitions and opportunities.

Achieve short and long-term success finding passion and satisfaction; together with creative and entrepreneurial people.

Share our professional knowledge in the area of ​​operational excellence, innovation, rolling out of Buy & Build strategy and value- creation, consequently improving entrepreneurs and enterprises along the way.

Contribute to the creation of lasting value for shareholders, employees and clients of portfolio companies.


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